First, wow! That's something!  Having this certificate of Cambridge means many things: first, obviously, is that we have a high level of English, the second is that we have free way to University, today many Universities require an official certificate of English to access, and the certificate they ask for is First, of course; and finally is the First certificate which also gives us the backing to reach the most qualified jobs.

The test for the First certificate lasts a whole morning and once more, it comprises all the skills .

The teacher, of course, is a native person.

The best year for take this course when the student is 3rd or 4th of ESO.

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Even more?

The next level is the Advanced Certificate, or C2, and it is a certificate near to bilingualism, we are able to offer this course to prepare the test, but we rarely have a group, if you want to study for the  Advanced certificate contact us.